Enter to win a Nylon LED Light Up Dog Leash 

Introducing the Nylon LED Light Up Dog Leash — a simple and convenient leash that is carefully designed to make walks with your pup more enjoyable and safe! With bright LED lights, your pup will never be lost in the dark ever again! The bright LED lights are not only great for safety, but they also make for an eye-catching display sure to turn heads on your route. With the 3 light modes — rapid flash, slow flash, and steady light — you can easily customize the perfect light up experience for your pup.

But what makes this leash extra special is the convenience and portability! Easily fold the leash up into a small pocket-sized pouch when it’s not in use, no matter where you’re going! Plus, the leash only requires 2 AA batteries that you can easily replace and won’t have to worry about a charge.

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